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June 03, 2008



I think going back to school for library science is the best way to go. It's a great field and would enable you to do a lot of things. My friend just did it a few years ago and works as an art librarian at the LA County Museum of Art, has great benefits, flexible hours and a super high salary. She also loves her job. I vote "yes" on Chicago, too.
xo Jade


Dude, there is NOTHING wrong with crashing at the 'rents' place more than once during post-college life. Embrace your transience!


July 6, eh? Good to know.

I moved in with my parents for several years before and during grad school; there's nothing wrong with that. My parents didn't really expect me to do anything in return for free room and board, however, and I think that was a mistake and did me no favor in the long run. In other words, you're more than welcome to move back rent free, but you will need to help with the cleaning.

I think library school is a very good idea. You should contact Cabell's friend Travis, who just finished his Masters in it. Also, if by your sister's ex-boyfriend you mean Nate, I think he's back to being her current boyfriend. Of course, anything could happen while she is in Ireland.

We just got back yesterday afternoon from Peru. It was so wonderful. I want to go back. Lima had some neat stuff but I could never live there. Cuzco was fantastico, although breathing was a challenge. I'm sure I'd adjust. We bought you some late birthday presents.

Te quiero mucho~

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