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March 06, 2008



Well, how about 7 things that DON'T make me happy:

1- Freezing rain and sleet
2- Ice storm, multiple broken trees, including my beloved corkscrew willow
3- Sleet and snow
4- 2 snow days added on to the end of the school calendar
5- Wintry mix (freezing rain, sleet, snow)
6- 2 more snow days added on to end of year
7- 4-10 inches of snow predicted for the next 36 hours

Bonus: Hannah supposed to fly in from Boston tomorrow, right in the middle of the predicted snow storm. The storm is supposed to stay south of St. Louis, but will have a negative impact on highway driving.

What's the weather like typically in October? I have to reserve tickets 90 days in advance of any trip on my bonus points, so I'm beginning to think about it. Too bad we can't go this weekend.

Love you!


Well, I'm pretty happy to have been able to ride my bike home after being hit by a car. And I'm REALLY happy that spring break is about to start.

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